• Rachel March, LCSW

Happy Moms, Happy Babes: Building Support One Group At A Time

Mom, noun, the one who comforts, strengthens, teaches and protects. The one who will believe in you for all of your days. The one whose heart is full because of you.

Being a mom is both a rewarding and challenging job. Just when you think you have something figured out, life throws you a curveball to navigate while keeping your child(ren) happy, healthy and safe. When dealing with all the demands being a mom can place on us, making connections with others experiencing similar challenges can help. Support groups allow group members with shared experiences to share their challenges and successes, listen to and support one another and learn from the experiences of others. Support groups can both boost your mom toolkit for stressful times and provide validation that you are not in this alone.

Are you looking for support as a mom?

Honeybee Psychotherapy is introducing a revamped virtual support group for moms! Happy Moms, Happy Babes, supports moms through therapeutic support and connection with one another. Happy Moms, Happy Babes is a safe place for moms to discuss challenges, share coping skills and build connections with one another. Group goals include but are not limited to stress reduction and calming strategies, ways to ask for support and build a tribe, setting boundaries and preventing burnout. Happy Moms, Happy Babes is a place for moms to learn and share.

What Should You Expect?

Happy Moms, Happy Babes meets weekly, every Monday from 12:45 p.m. - 1:45 p.m. The group meets virtually, call Honeybee Psychotherapy at 910-742-0489 to receive the link. We know it is difficult to balance childcare and time for yourself, you are welcome to join while your children are playing in the background.

We are excited for this opportunity to foster connection, support and growth between moms!

Happy Moms, Happy Babes is facilitated by Rachel March, LCSW and Courtney Bowles, Clinical Intern.

Rachel has been a social worker in Wilmington for 10 years with a special interest in helping people navigate life’s transitions - and what greater transition than the transition into motherhood! The journey brings joys but it can also bring challenges that come with our expectations differing from reality. Rachel works to support moms in balancing accepting their roles as mothers while acknowledging the many changes that follow becoming a mother. She’s excited to foster connection and support between mothers.

Courtney has spent the past decade in Wilmington working with children in a myriad of ways, always looking to support and encourage development. As part of her counseling graduate program, she is completing additional coursework to become a Registered Play Therapist. Part of the beautiful work she gets to do with children is supporting and encouraging their parents. She has seen first hand how happy and balanced mothers can be more present parents. She's excited to get to work on defining and honing healthy coping skills while in a supportive community of mothers.

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