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Intern Profile: Laquasha Boney

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Question: Laquasha, what brought you into the field of social work?


While social work is a challenging profession, it can also be rewarding as social workers are put in a position to make a difference in the lives of many people. As I began my journey in social work, I developed a network of people that I could turn to when faced with life stressors, In continuing my journey, I have realized that not only does everyone deserve to live a fulfilling life and have someone on their side that will help them face difficult circumstances, but also, social work fulfills my passion for assisting others and being a voice for those who are not being heard. This is something I have experienced in my own life and wanted to keep others from having to go through themselves.

Question: Who is your ideal client?


I have multiple ideal "clients" because I want to provide individual, couples, family, and group therapy. Clients who will be a good match for me are seeking the tools and skills needed to help them through difficult experiences or challenging situations. I believe that all individuals possess the ability to work through whatever is facing them, and it is my role to help them make and enact a plan making that happen. I am open to working with individuals of all ages, ethnicities, and genders. One of my core values is to see and appreciate the uniqueness that all clients bring forth.

Question: How would you describe your typical approach in a therapy session?


One of my core values is to see and appreciate the uniqueness that all clients bring forth. I also believe that clients are resilient and resourceful when faced with adverse situations. As a result, my approach is derived from empowerment and strengths-based theory. I feel that therapy is a resource that clients can use to identify and build on their strengths while also gaining the confidence needed to assist them in navigating future life stressors.

Question: Where do you see yourself post-graduation and post-internship?


Once I complete my internship, I plan to take the steps required to get my full licensure as a clinical social worker. I see myself always working to improve the mental health of vulnerable populations whether in private practice or in opening or working in an intensive treatment center.

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