• Monica Flores de Valgaz

Plans for Moving Forward: How to Close a Chapter

Sitting down to write this blog feels a bit surreal- mainly because when I embarked on this journey towards becoming a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in 2019, I wasn’t entirely sure if this was a goal I could accomplish.

There have been many hurdles over the past few years, and some of them have tested my resilience, work ethic, and ability to ask for help. That being said, I believe we don’t grow in our comfort zone, and I’m humbled and grateful for the growth I’ve experienced since 2019. I can genuinely say a large portion of that growth can be credited to my time spent at Honeybee!

At Honeybee, I was surrounded by a team of individuals who believed in me, even when I found it difficult to believe in myself. I’m filled with gratitude for those who I was lucky enough to call my colleagues over the past 2 years, who allowed me to stare in amazement and ask (perhaps annoying and overly simplistic) questions as I learned. I’m humbled to have had clients who allowed me to walk alongside them in their lives, whether through trials or triumph, they courageously let me in. None of this is something I take lightly.

It is time, however, for my transition – because, thankfully, I am all set to graduate with my Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling!! (*insert happy dance here*)

It’s not the end of the counseling road for me though, I plan to take my licensure exam in a few weeks, and become licensed with the state of North Carolina as a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate.

From there, if all goes according to plan, I will begin seeing clients at Arise Counseling and Wellness, beginning Summer 2022!

Thank you doesn’t seem like a big enough sentiment, but it’s all I have – thank you to Honeybee, thank you to my clients. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude, in awe of the process, humbled, and honored. Take care!

We have so enjoyed having Monica as a clinical intern and are so excited and proud of her as she takes this next step! If you are interested in getting scheduled with her at Arise, please reach out to their offices at (910) 408-2302. We cannot more highly recommend her and are grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of her growth and education process!

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