• Tori Nieusma, LCSW

Q&A with Tori Nieusma, LCSW

Q: What interested you in social work?

A: Coming into the field of social work has been a journey for me. My interest started when I was younger as a result of someone close to me battling drug addiction, and I saw their children's resulting involvement with child protective services.

Despite this initial interest, I decided to enter college pursuing a pre-dental track. One semester in, I changed my mind and made the decision to switch to psychology. I was passionate about the courses and the various experiences I was able to have while studying psychology, and I knew I wanted to make this my profession.

In the end, it was my experience working with at risk youth in my psychology and criminal justice class and a conversation with a professor that provided the bridge I needed to the field of social work. I knew I wanted to help people in moments of need, and I loved the diversity within the social work field. It gave me the most options for what roles I could step into as a helping professional.

Q: Who would you say is your ideal client?

Even though my initial interest was with children, my current focus is on adults. I like to work with clients who are eager and open to making positive changes in their life. I look forward to helping clients overcome struggles, improve coping, gain insight, and understand their past experiences. One technique I use, EMDR, helps specifically for clients who have experienced trauma in their lives. I also love working with couples and am getting specialized training for couples work, as well. Lastly, I specialize in working with military service members, veterans, and their spouses.

Q: How do you help clients; what is your approach?

A: I work from a strengths based approach, focusing on resilience of the client and how they are able to self heal. I utilize EMDR therapy to work through past memories attached to current thoughts, reprocessing memories to desensitize past hurts and to increase present day positive thoughts. I also utilize CBT methods to reframe negative thinking, in turn improving feelings and reducing symptoms. In working with couples, I utilize Gottman methods in order to build connection, improve communication, and work to effectively resolve conflict.

Q: Who inspires you?

Therapeutically, I am inspired by the works of Francine Shapiro, John and Julie Gottman, and Brene Brown. The works of these individual are what I largely based my therapeutic approach on and are the research that I immerse myself most in.

Personally, I am also inspired by the amazing therapists that I have had the opportunity to work with and learn from, as well as, all of the individuals who have inspired and supported me through my journey as a social worker and therapist.

To get scheduled with Tori, please email engage@honeybeepsychotherapy.com or call (910) 742-0489

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