• Kara Tolman, LCSW

Resiliency in Transition

Transitions can be incredibly difficult, and for the past 3 years, I, myself, have been navigating through many. In that time, I have come to learn how resilient both I and my clients can be.

In August 2019, I started my journey of becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Throughout that period, I have experienced multiple transitions which have tested my body and mind’s natural and learned ability to bounce back during times of adversity. I have learned that each transition or change that happens during each of our lifetimes requires cognitive flexibility, acceptance, and adaptation.

These are skills I have had to practice time and again. For example, my time at Honeybee Psychotherapy & Behavioral Health has taught me many things about myself including building trust in myself, learning how to adapt under pressure, and accepting there are things I cannot change- and things that I can.

That said, as my journey at Honeybee ends, my journey as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker is only getting started. As of April 1, 2022, I will be moving to Reclaim Counseling & Wellness located in Wilmington, NC. I will continue to provide individual mental health services to adolescents and adults. My specialties include assistance with anxiety, life transitions, and peer relationships. I will continue to accept Blue Cross Blue Shield for insurance and private pay. If you are interested in learning more, feel free to contact me at 910.516.8003 or find me by clicking on the hyperlink that will take you to my Psychology Today Profile

We are so excited for Kara to be taking this next step to Reclaim Counseling and Wellness! If you are interested in getting scheduled with her, please reach out to their office or her Psychology Today profile to get connected!

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