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  • Courtney Bowles, LCMHCA

Self-Care for Real Life: Low Effort, High Reward

Do you hear self-care and feel daunted? Do you feel bad for not doing self-care? Don’t know how to fit it into your day? Let’s try to make self-care a little more attainable.

When we think about self-care, we want results, and chances are when we need the most self-care we’re running on fumes and have limited access to time or resources. In comes low effort, high reward self-care. These activities can be used as a preventative or in the moment when your nervous system is begging for a break.

1) Go for a walk or just sit outside.

My clients may be tired of hearing this one, but I love walks. Going for a walk gets you outside, moving, and out of your head and taking care of your body. Does a walk feel like too much? Just sitting outside and letting sunlight meet your face for ten minutes can feel healing and is usually pretty attainable for most.

2) Skin care

Ever want to just push the “restart” button on your way? Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to figure that out yet, but you can give yourself a little restart by washing your face.

3) Drink something warm.

Coffee? Tea? Warm lemon water? No matter your preference, a change in temperature can make us feel like we just took care of ourselves. Hate warm drinks? Cold works too.

4) Dance break.

Put on your favorite song and dance! I recommend anything by Lizzo for the best midday dance break.

5) Laugh.

This can go hand and hand with the dance break (at least with my dance moves) but you can also think of a funny memory or a go to funny TikTok.

6) Call a friend.

Whether you want a laugh or a good cry, sometimes calling that friend (that you can rely on to be supportive) is just what you need!

7) Snuggle with a pet.

If I could prescribe pets, I probably would. Pets can be there to snuggle, cry with, dance with, and dogs make exceptional walking partners.

8) Meditate.

There are some great meditation apps like Headspace and Calm, but there are also free meditations on Spotify and YouTube. You don’t need to take a lot of time either. Just taking ten minutes can help!

9) Watch the sunrise or sunset.

Whether you’re a morning or evening person, watching the sun rise or set is a way to provide yourself with some self-care and you don’t need to go anywhere but outside.

10) Twenty second hug.

Some of us are huggers.... and others are me. I’m not a big hugger. But I am always down to get a 20 second hug from my husband. Why 20 seconds? Research says 20 seconds is the required time to see benefits. Don’t have a partner? You can hug a pillow or maybe that pet you’re considering getting now that I mentioned it.

Sometimes self-care looks like big spa trips or weekend getaways, but I would argue the best self-care are the little things you do every day.

Courtney will be joining Honeybee full-time starting in February 2023. Reach out to to get scheduled. She will be accepting BCBS, out-of-network, and private pay clients.

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