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Why Honeybees?

Swarm of Bees

First of all, honeybees are super cool (obviously scientific terminology), so that alone is reason enough. Also, there is a little bit of a rhyme that makes the name quite pleasing (in our opinion).


But, really, the reason we are named after this amazing animal is because of science. Honeybees are super social. The way they work and engage with one another is powerful. Communities are collaborative.


Bees also change when their environments change (just like people!); they are highly responsive to even slight changes (just like people!).


Honeybees are also very resilient. While at times the overarching population of honeybees might be waning or waxing, honeybees use communication skills and rely on others in the hive in order to make it through challenges.


Honeybees model the benefits of altruism and social engagement- foundational values that we at Honeybee Psychotherapy feel are crucial to living meaningful, valued, pleasurable lives.

You can watch a video all about this by clicking the link here:


Or, you can read an article (more interesting than the video) about honeybees here:


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