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Deal Breakers

What Can End a Therapeutic Relationship?


Choice- you can choose to stop therapy at any time; you can also choose not to follow recommendations; repeated resistance to recommendations may result in ending the therapeutic relationship until you feel more ready or until it feels like a better fit


Violence- any kind of violence in terms of language, threats, physical or sexual acts will automatically terminate the therapeutic relationship and may result in charges being filed


Unpaid Invoices- due to your card being billed automatically, this is less of an issue; but any outstanding balances beyond 30 days will result in being removed from the schedule until the balance is paid in full; unpaid balances after 90 days may be turned over to collections


Scope of Practice- having something providers at Honeybee cannot ethically treat will result in getting referred to providers who are more appropriate and better able to treat the identified concern; due to scope of practice, Honeybee at this time is unable to provide interventions for actively psychotic clients as it is out of their scope of practice; also, clients below 80% of the MHBW (minimum healthy body weight) will not be able to be seen; a referral will be made to other local providers and resources for higher levels of care will also be provided


Mandated Clients- at this time, Honeybee asks that clients be voluntary; anyone mandated to treatment will need further consultation to see if they are appropriate for services through Honeybee.

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