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  • Rachel M Hendricks, LCSW

Changes: They Are A-Comin'

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

In this process of figuring out what works and what needs to change, I have realized there are some issues with scheduling and have made the executive decision to change the way scheduling takes place.

As many of you know, I try to see each client for 50-60 minutes. In doing this, time often spills over into the next client’s time. In order to curtail this, I am fundamentally changing my schedule.

Starting November 26th, appointment times will be as follows:

Mondays and Fridays:














As you can see, I have built in some buffer time between appointments with the goal of making sure I am on time for *your* appointment.

While the hours may seem a bit strange, my hope is to have the flow of sessions run more smoothly and ensure each of you gets the time you need to do the hard work of therapy.

I will also add a bell signaling that 50 minutes have passed with a subsequent bell to signal 57 minutes have passed. This will provide a concrete signal for how much time you have remaining, so you don’t worry about the time during the session.

In a practical sense, you might not notice much changing apart from the times available for scheduling and a sound signaling where you are in your session time, but I wanted everyone to have a sense of what is coming their way.

Also, while you will still be able to book appointments online, I have had several clients request to have a standing appointment time. As a result, if you would like a standing appointment time, we will be setting a time in sessions.

For clients with a standing appointment time, please provide a minimum of one week’s notice for cancelations.

I know change can be hard, but in making changes, it provides space for growth. I want each of you to have the full opportunity for growth with less anxiety about time as a factor.

In honor of that sentiment, here’s some music to help you with the transition:

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Kasia Ciszewski
Kasia Ciszewski
16 de jun. de 2020

As a therapist myself, I'm always looking for ways to improve my practice. I was wondering if this new format has been helpful for you and your time management?

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